Image Generator application will not open

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Image Generator application will not open

This issue applies to all Barcode Image Generators


When attempting to open the Barcode Image Generator application, the application does not appear on the screen, or the application may only reside in the taskbar and can not be maximized.


This problem occurs when the registry entries for the software have been corrupted. It may also occur when the active logged in user lacks the access rights to write to the system registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Follow the steps below to delete the registry keys:

  1. Shutdown the Image Generator if it is running
  2. If possible, make a backup of the current registry before continuing
  3. Windows 7 and prior: Click the Start Button, then Click Run and type regedit in the box and click ok.
    Windows 8 and forward: Right Click on the Start Button and Select Run or Click on Cortana and type in regedit.
  4. A two-paned window should appear. On the left side, expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  5. Expand Software
  6. Expand
  7. Right Click on the appropriate ImageGenerator folder and choose Delete
    list of image generators
  8. Close the registry editor and restart the Image Generator

This should fix the problem.