Generated Barcode Image is Much Larger

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Generated Barcode Image is Much Larger

For example, the height of the barcode image is set to 1 cm but after it is created it is 3 cm tall. As another example, a 300 DPI image is created and imported into other software or displayed on the screen where it appears 3 times larger than it should be.


Some high resolution images appear larger on a computer screen or in an application because images are often displayed by pixel. For example, compared to a 96 DPI screen image, an image at 300 DPI will be about 3 times larger and 6 times larger at 600 DPI. If a 96 DPI image were created, the sizes would be more accurate. To resolve the image size problem, examine the following solutions:

  • Choose 96 DPI if possible when creating images, unless higher resolution is necessary.
  • If the IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator is being used to create static barcode images, the image can be pasted into the application or imported and then sized accordingly.
  • Import the image into a graphic application and define the size of the image in the application itself. For example, import a 600 DPI JPEG into PhotoShop and define it as a 600 DPI image.
  • When creating barcodes for display in the web browser, the HEIGHT and WIDTH tags may be used to properly size the image. Please refer to the document about achieving precise X dimensions in the printed barcode using HTML.

Choosing 96 DPI in IDAutomation’s Barcode Image Generator:
Choosing 96 DPI in IDAutomation's Barcode Image Generator