Why do java.awt libraries require X Server?

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Why do java.awt libraries require X Server?

This issue applies to the Java Barcode Package and the Java based encoders provided with 2D font packages such as the Data MatrixPDF417AztecQR-Code and Maxicode.

The Abstract Window Types libraries (AWT) are there to provide basic Windows-Type graphical facilities for Java programmers to send graphics to an end user. The Unix version of these libraries is specifically created to use the X Server to render these graphics. So, to answer the question in its simplest form: The java.awt libraries are actually wrapper classes to produce graphics based on the X Server operating environment. This means to produce graphics, such as GIF and JPEG files, the awt libraries from an X Server environment must be present, unless the “headless mode” environment is properly setup.


IDAutomation Java Barcode Products have been modified to be compatible with headless Java as of April 2, 2003. Download the current version of any IDAutomation product with an active Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription.