Small Dots Appear in a JPG Barcode Image

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Small Dots Appear in a JPG Barcode Image


Some web browsers may display and print small, light gray dots in JPEG barcode images. This is due to JPEG compression which reduces the size of the barcode image. If this is an issue, IDAutomation suggests using the GIF option. GIFs were protected by a UNISYS patent that expired in July 2004. After that date, IDAutomation added GIF capability to Java Barcode Products as well as other products.

Normally light gray dots in the images do not cause any problems when the barcodes are printed. Scanners will still be able to scan the barcodes, but there have been a few situations where the small dots in the JPEG images create barcodes that cannot be scanned. If small dots appear in the image after printing, please contact IDAutomation to upgrade the barcode-printing component to the latest version that contains a high quality JPEG encoder.

In December 2003, the Java Barcode Package was updated with the following improvements:

  • Improved file quality of the jpeg images such as the removal of gray dots in the image background on select browsers
  • The addition of a new auto size feature that will size images and jpeg files for Servlet operation
  • Easy disablement of the text displayed under the barcode

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