How to Format Dates from CSV Files

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How to Format Dates from CSV Files

A problem may occur when using CSV files in any format other than mm/dd/yyyy. This issue may occur in the Barcode Label Software.


When linking with an external CSV file, if the file contains a date in any format other than mm/dd/yyyy, the label making software will automatically convert the date to that format. This problem is especially troublesome for users in countries where the date format is often dd/mm/yyyy.

CSV and text files do not associate data types to fields. The ADO.Net component used in the IDAutomation Barcode Label Software will automatically set the field type based on the contents of the data. This component works independent of the regional settings of the operating system.


In the CSV file, place the data in quotes that is not to be formatted automatically in the ADO.Net component, for example “dd/mm/yyyy”. This will force the data to be imported as a string type and the ADO.Net component will not attempt to reformat it.

NOTE: The limitation of the ADO.Net component has no effect when linking to files that store data type information, i.e. Microsoft Excel® or Access®.