Barcode Prints much larger from Production

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Barcode Prints much larger from Production

The barcode is much larger when printed from the production machine, but prints correctly when printed from the developer machine. This issue is applicable to IDAutomation Windows Forms Barcode Components.


Possible Solution:
  1. Make sure the default printer on both machines is set to the same printer.
  2. Ensure that the production machine has a default printer assigned to it.
  3. Make sure the image is set to IndependentEMF instead of PictureBox.

    Example VB .NET Source Code:

    '*** Print Bar Code ***
    Dim myBarCode As IDAutomation.Windows.Forms.LinearBarCode.Barcode = New IDAutomation.Windows.Forms.LinearBarCode.Barcode()
    Dim myImage As System.Drawing.Imaging.Metafile
    myBarCode.DataToEncode = InvoiceNumber
    myBarCode.Text = InvoiceNumber
    myImage = myBarCode.IndependentEMF
    ev.Graphics.DrawImage(myImage, center - 100, yPos)
    myImage = Nothing