Encode leading zeros with Label Software

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Encode leading zeros with Label Software


When connecting to a data source using the Barcode Label Software, the field in the data source that contains the leading zeros must be formatted as text. When importing from a CSV file, quotes must be placed around numbers to have them treated as text; for example: “000128”.

If it is necessary to have a barcode with leading zeros applied as a prefix, the following should work:

  1. First, right click on the barcode itself and select Properties.
  2. Select the Value tab and modify using the Global Append Values.
    Below is a screen shot for the following settings:

    • Value Type = Incremented
    • Start Value = The starting number without the leading zeroes, for example 87647.
    • Step = 1 (The amount used to increment)
    • Prefix = 00000  (Or the correct amount of zeroes needed to precede the data.)
      Adding Leading Zeros in the Prefix Field
  3. Click on OK to return to the label layout.

NOTE: If the barcode requires 5 leading zeros to start, but only 4 by the end of the data run, it will have to be changed manually as the settings will not automatically account for the extra digit as the label increments.

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