Cannot Adjust NarrowBarWidth Accurately when Printing to Low-Resolution Printers

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Cannot Adjust NarrowBarWidth Accurately when Printing to Low-Resolution Printers


The NarrowBarWidth (X dimension) in the IDAutomation Barcode Image GeneratorBarcode Label Software and Barcode Components can only be adjusted to values the printer can support. In the event that a value does not match up exactly with the printer, the component will calculate to the nearest possible X dimension. Because the barcode is created from the X dimension, different sized barcodes are sometimes created on printers with different resolutions. In addition, changing the X dimension when printing to low-resolution thermal printers may not actually have any effect.

This is because at 203 dpi, the size of each dot in the printer is in increments of 5 mils or .013CM  (1/203 = .005″, 5 mils or .013CM). Therefore, 10 MILS or 0.026 CM should equal 2 dots on a 203 DPI printer. In the barcode products, the barcode component will round down the measurement given to the nearest pixel and create the entire barcode from that number of pixels. If this were not done, barcodes on the low-resolution printers would not be accurate.


To create the most accurate sizes on printers with different resolutions, set the X dimension (or font point size when using a barcode font) to increments that are a multiple of the size of a dot on the lowest resolution printer. Use the following chart to set the X Dimensions that create barcodes of the same width on 203 dpi and higher resolution printers:

Printer dotsMILSCMBarcode Font Point Size*

*This only applies to IDAutomation barcode fonts designed to print at 12 points on 203 DPI printers such as Code 39Code 128 or Universal Barcode Fonts.