Using Barcode Products on Mobile Platforms

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Using Barcode Products on Mobile Platforms


IDAutomation has been able to use the Linear Barcode Control for the .NET Compact Framework on a Pocket PC, and it may be possible to use IDAutomation’s Java Applet or Barcode Class Libraries with a Java VM to print barcodes from Pocket PC or PALM OS. ActiveX components will not work on the Pocket PC OS in their present form.

IDAutomation’s TrueType barcode fonts have been tested and function properly on the Pocket PC 2002 and greater operating systems, including Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. These fonts need to be copied to the \Windows\Fonts directory of the target device. does not produce an installation utility for this process, so it will be necessary to manually copy these files from a desktop computer to the \Windows\Fonts directory on the target device using either Windows Explorer or ActiveSync.

Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone do not support VBA automation for Microsoft Office products. This means that the font automation tools will not work in products such as Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, Pocket Access, etc., directly on the Pocket PC. The font automation tools are necessary to encode the data into the proper format for the fonts and the scanners that will read the barcodes. In general, this means that the data contained in the barcode cannot be dynamically changed while on the Pocket PC. The data will have to be manipulated on the desktop computer and then the spreadsheet, document, etc., must be copied to the Pocket PC device.

One exception to the aforementioned rule is the IDAutomation Code 39 Barcode Font Advantage Package. Because these fonts do not require specific encoding or complex check digit calculations, they can be used with ease in the Pocket PC environment by simply adding the start and stop characters (asterisk) before and after the data to encode. For example, in Access the following formula would be used =(“*”&[Table.Field1]&”*”) to add the start and stop characters to the data. The fonts can also be used in a custom application built with a compiler made for the Pocket PC operating system such as Embedded C++ or Embedded Visual Basic. These development platforms are specifically designed to develop applications on the Pocket PC platform, and can be used in conjunction with the TrueType fonts to produce barcodes for the Pocket PC environment. IDAutomation offers helper functions for these development environments that can be used in the application to encode the data and add the start and stop characters to the data. See the links below to access these functions.