Barcode Prints but will not Scan Correctly

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Barcode Prints but will not Scan Correctly


The following steps offer a few possible solutions in the failure to scan a printed barcode. If using barcode fonts to print barcodes, please refer to the Barcode Font will not Scan FAQ.

Open the appropriate barcode image creator from the list below. Select the proper symbology, change any necessary options, enter the data being encoded, and print the barcode to a laser printer.

Barcode Creators: [Linear | Aztec | Databar | DataMatrix | MaxiCode | PDF417 | QR Code]

Does the barcode printed from the image generator scan?

NO, it does not scan:

  1. Make sure the barcode type is enabled in the barcode scanner, then check the scanner settings for the barcode type being scanned. Most scanners have several default settings including minimum and maximum characters to scan as well as check digit options. Check the barcode scanner manual for reference.
  2. The scanner may be defective. To eliminate this likelihood, test the printed barcode with another scanner.

YES, it scans correctly:

  1. Compare the options selected in the barcode image generator with the options selected for the product being used to print the barcodes.
  2. Check the symbology settings such as the X dimension, bar height and check digit requirements.
  3. Verify that the correct data is being passed to the barcode and that invalid characters for the symbology are not included. Example: do not send text to a “numbers only” symbology such as POSTNET or Interleaved 2 of 5.
  4. Verify that the application is not corrupting the barcode in some way. Compare the start and end sequence of the printed barcode from the image generator with the barcode printing application. In some situations, the beginning or ending of the barcode can get truncated because of overlapping or truncated fields.
  5. If the barcodes are displayed in a table, verify that the barcode image can fit in the table. When using IDAutomation web-based products in an HTML table, it may be necessary to specify the height and width. Example: <img width=”100%” height=”100%” src=”http://…
  6. Verify that enough white space has been allocated before and after the barcode. For most barcode types, the left and right margins need to be at least 10 times the X dimension to obtain a proper scan. 2D barcode symbols such as Data Matrix and PDF417 need white space above and below the symbol in addition to space on the left and right.