Encode Reserved Characters in a barcode

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Encode Reserved Characters in a barcode

This support issue of encoding reserved characters in an HTML environment applies to the following web-based barcode generation components:


Characters such as %, +, and & are reserved for specific purposes. When they are seen in the actual HTML text being sent, the request for a barcode encoding these characters may become distorted when these characters are used. This is due to the HTML processor translation.

The recommended work-around according to W3C is to replace reserved characters with the percent sign (ironically, this is the reason that the percent sign is a reserved character) and the hexadecimal value associated with the ASCII character. For instance, the hex value for the percent sign is 25; therefore replace all instances of the percent sign with %25. For the ampersand, the hex value is 26, so replace all instances in the data to encode with %26. Therefore, if the data string is 1%1&2%07, change the string to 1%251%262%2507.