Last character of TrueType font is truncated

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Last character of TrueType font is truncated


It has been reported to IDAutomation that when printing TrueType fonts from Windows 95 or 98, the last character(s) may be truncated. This is a rare problem that IDAutomation has been unable to duplicate; it appears to occur only with certain installations of Windows 95, 98 and ME and certain printer drivers.

To work around this problem, insert a few space characters after printing the entire line of font code.

Using an example in Excel with Code 3 of 9 Barcode Font, the formula would be =(“!”&A2&”!”&”   “), where A2 is the location of the data string, surrounded by the start and stop characters (!). The second part of the formula is the encoded spaces added to the end of the barcode.

This issue is sometime resolved after reinstalling the font and replacing the print driver as described in the ”TrueType font printing problems”.