GS1 Unique Device Identification (UDI)

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The GS1 UDI barcode combines the Device Identifier (DI), also known as the GTIN by, which would be a static portion to the barcode and then the Production Identifier (PI), which would be a dynamic portions to the barcode, including Application Identifiers such as Serial (AI-21), Lot Number (AI-10) and Expiration Dates (AI-17). The GS1 UDI can be created as a GS1-128 or a GS1 DataMatrix, depending on space allotment on the label.

 Data DelimitersIdentifierData TypeHR Field SizeDB Field SizeExample Data
 (01)Device Identifier (DI)Numeric161451022222233336
 (11)Manufacturing/Production DateNumeric86 (YYMMDD)141231
 (17)Expiration DateNumeric86 (YYMMDD)150707
 (10)Batch/Lot NumberAlphanumeric2220A213B1
 (21)Serial NumberAlphanumeric22201234

The final human readable string for this example is: (01)51022222233336(11)141231(17)150707(10)A213B1(21)1234


GS1 UDI Data Matrix

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Linear Code 128 example:

Linear GS1 UDI Code 128 example

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