GS1 Unique Device Identification (UDI)

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The GS1 UDI barcode combines the Device Identifier (DI), also known as the GTIN by, which would be a static portion to the barcode and then the Production Identifier (PI), which would be a dynamic portions to the barcode, including Application Identifiers such as Serial (AI-21), Lot Number (AI-10) and Expiration Dates (AI-17). The GS1 UDI can be created as a GS1-128 or a GS1 DataMatrix, depending on space allotment on the label.

 Data Delimiters Identifier Data Type HR Field Size DB Field Size Example Data
 (01) Device Identifier (DI) Numeric 16 14 51022222233336
 (11) Manufacturing/Production Date Numeric 8 6 (YYMMDD) 141231
 (17) Expiration Date Numeric 8 6 (YYMMDD) 150707
 (10) Batch/Lot Number Alphanumeric 22 20 A213B1
 (21) Serial Number Alphanumeric 22 20 1234

The final human readable string for this example is: (01)51022222233336(11)141231(17)150707(10)A213B1(21)1234


GS1 UDI Data Matrix

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Linear Code 128 example:

Linear GS1 UDI Code 128 example

2D Data Matrix example:

2D GS1 UDI Data Matrix example