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UPS-Mail-Innovations-LabelUPS Mail Innovations is a joint venture that shares shipping service between UPS and US Postal Service, used by many large online retailers such as Amazon, EBay, Groupon, etc. This bulk discount rate option begins with UPS picking up the packages and sending them to a UPS processing facility which then forwards packages to the local USPS mailing depot where the final delivery confirmation will be delivered via the postal carrier. The UPS Mail Innovations label requires two barcodes, the Data Matrix barcode used by UPS and the IMpb tracking barcode used by the USPS.

When generating GS1 symbols, IDAutomation recommends testing the result with the Data Decoder App which parses out GS1 data to verify proper encoding.

UPS Mail Innovations (UPSMI) Index:

Mail Innovations Data Matrix Barcode

Generated by the IDAutomation Data Matrix Barcode Font and Encoder, the Mail Innovations Data Matrix Barcode includes the following required fields, where each field is to be separated by a tab per the standard outlined in the UPS Mail Innovations Guide to Labeling Supplement.

 Field NameAlphanumeric or NumericFixed or Variable LengthCharacter CountSample DataRequired
 Message Version NumberNVup to 2“1”
 Mail Manifest IDNF18“123456789123456789”
 Customer  IDNF6“123456”
 Customer Cost CenterAVup to 30“123456ABCDE”
 Destination Line 1AVup to 35“123 Main Street”
 Destination Line 2AVup to 35“SUITE 123”
 Destination CityAVup to 30“SPRINGFIELD”
 Destination St/ProvAF2“IL”
 Destination Postal CodeAVup to 9“12345”, “A1B2C3”
 Destination Country CodeNF3“123”
 Package IDAVup to 30“123456ABCDE”
 USPS WeightNV2,4 (4 decimal places)“1.1234”, “12.3456”
 Processing Category CodeNV2,2“1,23”
 USPS Tracking NumberNF34“4203000592612123456789123456789019”

USPS IMpb Postal Barcode

The USPS Intelligent Mail packaging barcode or IMpb is generated with the GS1-128 barcode symbology found in the IDAutomation Code 128 Font Package and has the following required fields:

 Field NameCharacter LengthSample DataHuman Readable Required Beneath
 Postal Code Application Identifier3“123”
 Destination Postal Code5“12345”
 Channel Application Identifier2“92”
 Service Type Code3“023”
 Mailer Identifier9“901096548”
 Sequential Package Identifier (UPS Code)3“574”
 Sequential Package Identifier (USPS #)8“00000011”
 Mod 10 Check Digit1“9”


Visit the UPS Mail Innovations website for additional specifications for the Commercial Mail Construct (CO2) for the USPS IMpb Tracking Number barcode.