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Barcode Scanners by IDAutomation

By Nate Schubert | Published on: May 8, 2013

IDAutomation offers a wide range of barcode scanners to meet the needs of virtually any environment or scenario including omnidirectional scanners, portable memory scanners, wireless scanners, and others from dependable manufacturers such as Motorola, Metrologic, Datalogic, and Opticon. These scanners make up our product base because they are known to be both high-quality and effective. Whether you need to scan barcodes for simple output, or output scanned data into multiple fields for a database or Excel spreadsheet, one of the scanners we offer will most certainly meet your needs.

We also offer a line of affordable barcode scanners with easy programming guides that make it possible to program your scanner to perform the exact functions required in your process. IDAutomation barcode scanners are high quality, easy to use, and come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with full priority support. Following is the comprehensive selection we offer.

Linear Barcode Scanners

Linear barcode scanners are capable of reading standard rectangular barcodes with vertical black bars, also known as linear barcodes. This family of symbologies include popular barcode types like Code 128, Code 39, UPC, Interleaved 2 of 5, and many others. IDAutomation offers two quality models as noted below:


Linear USB Barcode Scanner
Note: Other Models were Discontinued