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SSRS Barcode Printing & Reporting

SSRS Barcode

Commonly known as SSRS, SQL Server Reporting Services is a powerful reporting platform that enables organizations to build complex reports that improve understanding of a wide range of factors in business including revenue analysis, quality of service, and even the efficiency of a store or website’s layout. Many organizations choose to integrate SSRS barcodes into their environments which adds an entirely new level to inventory control, document tracking, marketing promotions, and more. SSRS does not include barcode generation capability by default, however, so most organizations look to a third party like IDAutomation for a solution they can rely on.


The best SSRS barcode solution is the Native SSRS Barcode Generator which embeds native barcode generation capability into SSRS reports without fonts. This special generator is designed to format the data-to-encode so that it generates a readable barcode when the font is applied to it according to the spec of the particular Symbology as noted by the AIM or ANSI standard.


Updated: November 2022