FileMaker Barcode Compatibility Explained

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FileMaker Barcode Compatibility Explained

FileMaker is one of the most common and useful database environments, and it is used by businesses across the world for gathering and maintaining control over their information. Adding barcode functionality for FileMakerreports can significantly increase efficiency and productivity, in part by reducing the instances of human error that, while natural, can create problems in an otherwise smooth workflow or process.

IDAutomation has been a leading provider for FileMaker barcode solutions for years. Our products support FileMaker versions as far back as 7, and as recent as the latest update. Our products allow generation of popular barcodes including Code 39, Code 128, DataBar, Intelligent Mail and UPC, as well as 2D barcode types like Data Matrix, QR Code and PDF417.

Since we have a lot of solutions to meet various FileMaker environments and versions, it stands to reason that deciding which product is best for your company can sometimes be confusing. Although our sales and tech support staff are ready, willing and able to assist customers in any inquiries they may have, many customers prefer to make these determinations on their own. 

IDAutomation’s FileMaker Pro Compatibility Chart acts as a map that allows you to visualize which products are compatible with which FileMaker versions and environments. We’re pleased to have created an excellent compatibility chart to help our customers do just that.