Run-Time ActiveX Error ‘-2147417848’

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Run-Time ActiveX Error ‘-2147417848’


When attempting to save an enhanced Windows metafile to disk in Windows XP with SP2, the SaveEnhWMF method in any IDAutomation ActiveX barcode control may cause the following error:

Run-time error '-214741848 (80010108)':
Automation error
The object invoked has disconnected from its clients

Work-Around Solution(s):

Option 1: Download the latest version of the product. To obtain this, you may have to update your support subscription.

Option 2: Use the “SaveBarcode” method of the control instead.

Option 3: The issue is due in part to a difference in the way the metafile is being initialized. The pixel width/height of the metafile can be initialized before saving the image. To do this, call the SetPixelsXY function before calling SaveEnhWMF. For example, SetPixelsXY 250, 250, where 250 is the height and width in pixels of the image that will be saved.

Option 4: Use the .NET Windows Forms Controls and/or .NET Barcode Image Generators instead.