Program SC5USB Scanner to read Ext Code 39

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Program SC5USB Scanner to read Ext Code 39

If a barcode is using the Full ASCII set or the Extended Code 39 set, the SC5 USB Barcode Scanner needs to be programmed to recognize this. The method of programming is listed below:

  1. Turn to page 37 in the scanner manual.
  2. First, scan the Program barcode.
  3. Next, scan the Format barcode at the bottom of page 38.
  4. Turn to the inside leaf of the back page for the alphanumeric barcodes.
  5. Scan the 0 barcode and then the 1 barcode. Scan the Finish barcode next.
  6. Now, scan the Exit barcode on page 38.

NOTE: A variety of sounds will be emitted when programming the scanner, this is perfectly normal; however, the process does have a time limit, therefore it may time out before completion and may require completing the steps above again.

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