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Barcode Solutions for Cognos Environments

Used by more than 23,000 companies globally, IBM’s Cognos software products have been consistent leaders in the performance management software niche of the industry since 2005. The Cognos Business Suite includes a multitude of individual software products, all designed to allow everyday individuals to utilize Cognos to build insightful reporting from otherwise complicated and overwhelming…
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How to Stream Barcodes into iReport Designer

iReport Designer is an open-source report designer that can be used with Jaspersoft Corporation’s JasperReports and JasperReports Server. iReports Designer allows users to design complex, sophisticated layouts that can include a range of valuable elements from charts, crosstabs, and images as well. One little-known, but very valuable feature is the environment’s ability to utilize a…
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Barcoding: To Stream or Not To Stream?

By now, business owners understand that the best way to increase revenue is to engage customers and make it as easy as possible for them to complete a purchase, stay informed or complete some other goal of value to the business. The Internet has been a phenomenal tool for businesses to connect with consumers and…
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How to Secure Your Streaming Barcodes

Security is an important concern on the internet, not only for companies that have E-Commerce and websites intended to engage and interact with users but also for web surfers who seek out the community or other valuable content online. If a website is not properly secured, then any data that is communicated between the website…
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2D Barcode Integration Tips for Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a powerful application that allows graphic designers, production artists, and others to create print media such as magazines, posters, brochures, and more in addition to publications intended for digital consumption. Given the business-centric nature of these uses, the integration of 2D barcodes for InDesign is likely to become a necessity for many…
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What are the Benefits of Streaming Barcode Images?

Barcodes come in many different shapes and sizes and are capable of encoding virtually any type of data required for the pursuit of improved efficiency in a given business process. There are also a wide variety of fonts, programs, and components that may be utilized to generate and display barcodes for the purpose of scanning…
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