Disable Human Readable Text in Java

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Disable Human Readable Text in Java

If the Java Barcode Package was downloaded before the December 2003 release, set the TEXT color to be the same as the background color. Example:

  • For the servlet and applet: BARCODE=1235678&FONT_COLOR=WHITE
  • Java API: bc.fontColor = java.awt.Color.white;

In December 2003, the Java Barcode Package was updated with the following improvements:

  • The file quality of the JPEG images has been improved, and the appearance of gray dots in the image background on select browsers has been resolved.
  • GIF images are now allowed (this was enabled after the Unisys GIF patent expired)
  • A new auto-size feature has been added to size the images and JPEG files for servlet operation.
  • Text displayed under the barcode can now be easily disabled.

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