Disable Human Readable Text in Java

Disable Human Readable Text in Java

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If the Java Barcode Package was downloaded before the December 2003 release, set the TEXT color to be the same as the background color. Example:

  • For the servlet and applet: BARCODE=1235678&FONT_COLOR=WHITE
  • Java API: bc.fontColor = java.awt.Color.white;

In December 2003, the Java Barcode Package was updated with the following improvements:

  • The file quality of the JPEG images has been improved, and the appearance of gray dots in the image background on select browsers has been resolved.
  • GIF images are now allowed (this was enabled after the Unisys GIF patent expired)
  • A new auto-size feature has been added to size the images and JPEG files for servlet operation.
  • Text displayed under the barcode can now be easily disabled.

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