Barcode Label Software: Major Updates

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Barcode Label Software: Major Updates

The IDAutomation Barcode Label Software Standard and Pro versions have seen their biggest updates since 2015, in the latest May 2022 (v 22.5) release. This much-anticipated update brings a variety of powerful features and functions that allow users to create barcodes according to a range of global standards and initiatives. Let’s take a look at these updates below:

Unicode UTF8 Barcode Label Support

Unicode UTF8 support is now available in text on labels for the Standard and Pro versions, and available in QR and Data Matrix barcode types in the Pro version. This includes compatibility with characters for locales like Arabic, Japanese, and Kanji. This update adds a great deal of functionality since it adds a way to encode Unicode characters which are able to encode ASCII characters.

Base64 and TLV Encoding for Barcode Labels

Prompted by the recent KSA E-Invoice Initiative, TLV, and Base64 encoding has been added to the functionality of text, as well as in support of QR Code. This update allows users to encode fields with TLV and full strings with Base64. This is critical in the generation of E-Invoice documents as dictated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Support for Swiss QR-Bill Invoice Labels

IDAutomation products are updated to make use of Center Override functions that allow the Swiss Cross to be placed in the center of the QR Code, as per Swiss standards. This is done by re-arranging the array of modules in memory and using a portion of it to allow for stronger decoding.

Other Barcode Label Software Updates

The Barcode Label Software Standard and Pro versions have had many other updates as part of this new release, including security updates with SHA256 digital signatures, .NET Framework 4 compatibility, and much more.

This major 2022 release of the Barcode Label Software is available now at IDAutomation. Download a free demo for testing before you buy, or choose from one of our User, Multi-User, Site, or Multi-Site license options. Purchase and download immediately after from your user account. This license comes with a 60-day Level 2 Support Subscription as well, and our technical support specialists are available to assist via email, online chat, and our support community forum.