Errors Received in Java 1.4 / J2SDK 1.4

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Errors Received in Java 1.4 / J2SDK 1.4


Headless Java Specific Issue:

The following error was reported when using Sun JDK 1.4.1 on Linux in headless mode:
at sun.awt.HeadlessToolkit.getScreenResolution(
at com.idautomation.linear.BarCode.<init>(com/idautomation/linear/BarCode)

This issue was solved in IDAutomation Java barcode products as of April 2, 2003. If the customer has the Java Barcode Packages with dates older than the above date and the customer is using the “Headless” capabilities of Java, Download the current version of any IDAutomation product with an active Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription.

MaxiCode Specific Issue:

Another problem with J2SDK 1.4 was reported with the Maxi Code Java Package. The problem first appeared to be a problem with J2SDK 1.4, but it was determined to be an incompatibility with the JPEG encoder in the Maxi Code Java Barcode Package. As of August 14th, 2002, this problem was corrected. If using a Maxi Code Java Package with dates older than the above date, please reactivate the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription to receive the most recent version.

Other Solutions:

If the problems still exist with a particular version of the JDK, then load another version of JDK to determine if the problems are associated with the first version. If two JDK’s are loaded on a system, specify version 1.3 to use in the classpath. IDAutomation has experienced several situations where a particular JDK is corrupted and a reinstallation solves the problem.